Brown Door, Blue Wall, Nubia, Egypt

Brown Door, Blue Wall, Nubia, Egypt

After completing my tour group's camel ride in the desert and our visit with a Nubian family, it was time to head back to the boat that would take us across the Nile and to our hotel. To get there we had to walk a short distance to the river. While the rest of the group went straight to the boat I couldn't keep my eyes off the doors and facades of ALL the homes along the way. I was so overwhelmed with joy at seeing these beautifully decorated and colorful homes I would have stayed there all day if I could have. I photographed as many as humanly possible in the short time I had and touched a baby crocodile, too, before getting to the boat.

The use of color was breathtaking and as a lover of the color blue, I was in my glory. Nubian blue with teal, dark blue and purple were such terrific combinations worthy of endless admiration. 

The blue shade that became famous as Nubian blue, was produced from the blue stone lapis lazuli, approximately 2767 years ago, in Egypt, and is associated with the life-giving properties of the Nile's waters and has become the symbol of royalty and honor. It is also a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

The distinctive doorways, or bawaba, like the one shown here, mixes vivid color and figurative and geometric images. The doorway symbolizes the family and draws attention to one's home.

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